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04 October 2012 @ 01:59 pm

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for lalonde

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28 July 2012 @ 05:34 pm
Photoshop and I have always had a love/hate relationship. I love it when it obeys me, I hate it when it goes against my wishes. But even when I hate it, I love it. Sometimes I think I have bad days in Photoshop and then it pleasantly surprises me.
In general, I can say that this batch is the result of when Photoshop surprises me. What started as a (literal) barfing up of Selective Color layers, light blobs, Gradients, and tears has come together to form a somewhat interesting batch of icons. Well, I hope they're interesting to anyone but me. 
First up is my ten icons for my first attempt of Chapter 2 of theiconquest. I chose the Hard prompt, just because it's easier for me to choose makers who influence my style. There are literally 25+ makers who influence my icon-making style but I chose the three that came to my mind first. That doesn't mean that other makers aren't as important, or more important than the ones that I chose for this attempt, but the three that I chose are currently some of my predominant inspiration. Spoiler alert, I chose calikalie, endearest, and mm3butterfly. All of the icons I made are influenced from their coloring styles, so the ten icons for this attempt at Chapter 2 are all going to be classified as hero. 
Also there are my six Sherlock icons for the icon_talk anonymous battle, and some other icons that I've made through rumbles or just on whim. There's some anime here also. :O 
Enjoy the icons! :3 

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for zhaoxun :)

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Q&A in which I ramble about trying to answer questions I've received
from deternot and wickedgrdn at the current Ask The Maker activity over at icon_talk.

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Ask me anything!

ask the maker | my thread

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17 July 2012 @ 04:13 pm
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04 July 2012 @ 06:44 pm
The following icons are my twenty for Chapter One - Main Quest of theiconquest . Also there are some alternates and random icons that I've made for rumbles and icontests over the past few weeks. I also decided why not link to two tumblr graphics I ended up making instead of icons Idk idk. 
I originally planned on making 25 icons for Chapter One but then all of a sudden I lost my motivation to icon Merlin and Doctor Who and I started writing fic! So, because I want the batch to be consistent (you never know with me!) I decided to just post the ones I finished right now. :) 
As far as this batch goes, I am super proud of it. I don't usually ever attempt complex icons and honestly they came out better than I would have imagined. I also started experimenting with crops. If you look at my earlier icon posts, you'll see that I had focused a lot on center crops. I wanted to try others, and in this batch I definitely did. I learned a lot about myself while making these icons. 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them! 

doctor who and merlin ahead. i don't even know why i can't stop iconning doctor who i don't even kNOWCollapse )
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29 June 2012 @ 09:16 pm

The Icon Quest is a graphics-centered interactive community.
Enter challenges, make icons, earn points, become the ultimate icon maker!

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16 June 2012 @ 05:08 pm
34 icons in a multifandom post. 
Here's a smallish icon dump post. Some were made just by whim and others were made through flashingatlalok, anon_icon, iconflashspn or toon_iconflash. I don't remember where all of them were from but they're mostly icon flashes or unfinished sets. Also, one icon from my unfinished/unsubmitted turbo_lims set and three from my unfinished inspired20in20 set because I will be away from Photoshop in the upcoming days before the 20 icons are due. :( Sad day.
I'm actually really happy with these. I feel like I'm liking my icons more and more as the days go by.
But honestly, what the hell I don't understand complex icons. What sort of witchcraft is that? 

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17 May 2012 @ 04:57 pm
23 Doctor Who Icons | Series 5 + 6

It's funny how every single time I have opened photoshop I've meant to icon other shows I watch. Game of Thrones, Merlin, Sherlock, Luther, Downton Abbey, Supernatural, and even my animated fandoms are lacking so much love. I'll look through caps of all these shows, beautiful caps mind you, and I'm not inspired by anything. So I race back to the caps from my favorite show, Doctor Who. I always find myself iconning the serials that were done in HD by the way. I should definitely do the other ones, I need some more Ninth Doctor in my life. 
These icons weren't made for anything in particular. But I do like to think of this batch as themed. It's me trying to use more vibrant colors and to play around more with depth, light, and shadows. I tried to use every color at least once and let me tell you, it was HELL making that green Amy x Rory icon because I am so afraid of the colors green and yellow (they go wonky on my laptop when they leave photoshop half the time) but I am pleased with every single one of these icons. My favorite color to use is (can you guess?) blue/cyan. Blue is such a gorgeous color I could SCREAM I just want to lick those blue icons.  
My crops are still mostly boring. I did try new ones. Or rather, I tried to try new ones. When in doubt I do what I know though. Which is also why I have not yet journeyed into the realm of complex icons. 
I'm happy with these icons. I'm very happy with them. 

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