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★ ☆ 023. icon progression 2013 ☆ ★


January to April 2013 - 28 icons

16131860-1 belfreddie
I started off 2013 with an iconmaking slump. I technically made 28 icons, but a lot of them are rejects that no one has ever seen. Still, some of my favorite icons I've ever made were from these few months. I'm really proud of these few, they each have things about them that I like. For instance: the crop of the Chuck icon, the bright white of the Pitch Perfect icon, the colors of the Elementary icon, the contrast/lighting of the Merlin one, plus the solid background; the yellow and composition of the icon from The Hour, and the green and light of the Doctor Who icon.

May 2013 - 31 icons
minimalism pastel vibrant
In May I entered 20inspirations so it's responsible for the fact that I made icons that month. I claimed Amy/Eleven and that round produced some nice things. I continued to work on my coloring. The last icon here, the one with the blue gradient background has grown to become one of my favorites.

June to August 2013 - 92 icons
clara1 daenerys1 elementary1
elementary2 pond2 sansa1
amy1 olive1 smillan1
This period was something else. In a good way! I opened up requests at my icon community, so that's why I made so many icons. I grew the most while filling those requests. In fact, I sort of found a solid iconmaking technique during this period. I'm still trying new things but as far as coloring live action goes, I kind of have an actual method now? I'm really happy with it by the way. When I first started out iconning, I used a lot of textures to color, but here I don't think I used any. I just tried to bring out the natural colors of each image, and added my own colors if needed through Adjustment Layers and such.

September to December 2013 - 25 icons
lydia claras amy1
allydia allison gamagoori
aikuros ryuko amelia
And here I was pretty much out of iconmaking again. I made a few for userpics on twitter and tumblr, some were cropped from larger graphics of mine, and the anime ones are for an anime icon battle I participated in. Still, I'm pleased with them. Looking back, I've improved so much. Especially when you take my 2012 progression post into account. Some of these haven't even been posted yet.

Final Thoughts: This year had nothing on 2012 when it comes to quantity of icons, but in my honest opinion the quality of my icons and the technique used this year surpass most of what I produced last year. This year feels like it was a love letter to negative space and the color yellow, and Amy Pond and Amy/Eleven. Not bad at all! Next year I hope to produce more anime icons and to get better at that sort of iconmaking. I also want to improve my sharpening, I can't seem to get it just right.

Grand Total : 176 icons made this year!

That's all for now! I hope everyone has a good year and if you made or are making an icon progression post, please link it to me! I'd love to see.
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