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★ ☆ 020. ☆ ★

I live!
I don't even have any excuses for the long ass gap between my last icon post and this one so I'll spare you the lies.
Okay, so um I have fifty seven icons for you! Some of them are from December, but most of them are new-ish.

Twenty were made for this round at 20inspirations. My claim was Amy/Eleven (Doctor Who).
I'm really rusty man these icons are inconsistent in quality. But kudos to me for completing the set because I was like "what is even the point anymore?" for a while. Oh GOD but I'm really pleased with them because of the subject material. Anyway here you go.

[001 - 005]
blocking | stock | pastel | down the rabbit hole | minimalism

[006 - 010]
vibrant | border | faceless | retro | chiaroscuro

[011 - 015]
obscure crop

[016 - 020]
artist's choice


doctor who
[022 - 026]
[027 - 031]
[032 - 036]

misc (chuck, downton abbey, merlin, teen wolf, pitch perfect, elementary, legend of korra, ripper street, secret diary of a call girl, the hour, sherlock (bbc), new girl)
[038 - 042]
[043 - 047]
[048 - 052]
[053 - 057]

I love comments so please let me know what you think!
If taking, credit is appreciated (but not required) to either goreplz or thelighted.
Please don't claim as your own.
No hotlinking please!

Tags: !20inspirations, show: bbc sherlock, show: doctor who, show: legend of korra, show: merlin, show: new girl, show: secret diary of a call girl, show: teen wolf
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I love pastel, minimalism (and that alt LOL), face and ac2&3 <3
THANKS. With the return of Teen Wolf in a few weeks I'll hopefully be making icons. If the color palette and faces are still great. :D
~*~NUMBER 29~*~
i nearly screamed, was not expecting that, perf, etc.

but omg, #18 is gorgeous like *___* actually the entire artist's choice row is so beautifully colored. let me into your brain to steal ur sekrits~
Ugh #29 is probably my favorite and just in time for the finale tomorrow, oh GOD. I forgot to include it in the alternates oh lol.

Aw thanks, that means a lot considering I was like "wtf is wrong with me" while making the entire set.
These are gorgeous, Diamond! ♥
Love your coloring and crops, and lol @ 29 hahaa.
Aw thanks.
These icons are so quality. (ANYTHING AMY/ELEVEN IS QUALITY LBR.) I'm particularly obsessed with 08 and 11. And 29 forever, trololol.
AWH THANKS. UGH RIGHT #8 causes me real pain because touching and arms and "i wasn't really suggesting anything quite so... long term".
Oh wow, everything in this post is gorgeous! Your coloring is just amazing, I love what you did with blocking and stock (especially this one), I really like the green and beige you used! Pastel and minimalism are amazing too, they're so clean and pretty, and THAT RED OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

All your ACs are amazing, especially the crop on them because they're A+, I love the third one especially, you have this surreal effect on it, like a little paint, I love it really much.

And what to say about your other icons, I use your Elementary one for a long time now, it's just so pretty and it inspires me a lot ♥ I am a big fan of your yellow, I'm really curious about how you achieve that sort of vibrant yellow but not vibrant if you know what I mean :D

So, really beautiful entry ♥
That means so lot! okfdsajf; Thank you for your comment.

Which yellow icons in particular do you wonder about? I can give you a psd if I've saved one for them.


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago

The Who icons are fabulous! I'm just sitting here flailing over the coloring (6, 17, 18) and the crops (14, 18, 30..forget it, ALL OF THEM OK). 29 is cracking me up too. :D
Haha thank you!
What a pretty post!

As you probably know, I think 56 is the most perfectly perfect thing to ever perfect because the coloring is just jaw droppingly stunning. I will probably never recover from how gorgeous it is, I swear. You are terrible for creating it, and by terrible I mean, precious. So there. But there are dozens of other great things in this post too! Let me tell you about them!!

Working my way from the bottom up since I've already started down there, 49 is all kinds of great. I will never be over that scene in the movie, and each new icon version of it I see is just as amazing as the last. So I am really digging the coloring here as well as the crop. Such an interesting choice to put the negative space on the side like that, but one that I think definitely works! 45 is also really stunning! Wonderful crop + the greens are amazing! 36 is really wonderful too. I love the intense lighting you've used versus the very stark outline of the dalek. It looks really dramatic and epic like that which is perfect! 28 and 30 are really pretty as well. Cropping wise, most excellent and coloring wise, amazing!

Your 20inspirations set is something else, let me tell you! I am head over heels with the negative space and gentle light use in pastel. Seriously, I have been almost incapable of taking my eyes off of it for very long since I opened up this page. It is just such an effortlessly pretty icon! Vibrant is also quite interesting. I love it when people can take a simple crop and make the icon look endlessly complex despite it being very minimal, and this is one such icon! Really lovely coloring, of course, and again, that gentle light use really makes it pop! Moving along, your whole AC set is absolutely brilliant! 17 is particularly beautiful, I feel. The crop is so intimate, and the cozy golden glow is just so incredibly excellent. It certainly feels like 'gotcha'. =D

Great job! ♥


May 18 2013, 15:13:46 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  May 18 2013, 15:13:59 UTC

I'm really surprised that so many people like #56 because originally when I made it back in like January, it was one I was thinking about scrapping. I showed it to someone and they told me to keep it because they wanted to use it! Oh, different strokes. But it's grown on me like a lot of these have, and I absolutely am glad that I kept it in the batch. Oh wow, thank you so much for that compliment.

WOW this comment is amazing, thank you so so so so so much for being so generous and kind with your words. *screencaps it and fawns over it forever*
Agh, these are really GORGEOUS. Your yellows and greens are simply the best (go on, sing it!)
And then the crops, man. THE CROPS.

Gorgeous!! :D
Thank you! I have inadvertently become associated with the color yellow. I'm not even sure how it happened!
These are so pretty! Pastel, Minimalism and Vibrant are brilliant, plus your whole AC set is absolutely stunning! Also love 23, 24, 30, 32, 34, 36, 41, 47, 51 and 56. Wow at your crops! ♥
Thank you!
Oh my goodness. This post. Your colours. I see no inconsistency, none at all. Just beauty and gorgeousness and stuff.

The 20inspirations set is just, colouring gold. Seriously. It's absolutely magnificent. Stock is truly wonderful. Absolutely flawless. The blocking is beautiful, and the colour palette is absolutely stunning. I love the softer green tones, the soft black and white, the way placement of Amy - everything works so amazingly well together. Pastel is truly stunning. Just, amazing. I really love the negative space, and the lighting is gorgeous. And the colours, guh. The pastel pinky tones that fade into a lighter shade are just, gorgeous. Vibrant makes me so incredibly happy. THE CROP IS FLAWLESS! All that wide space and beautiful vibrant colours. The blue and the pink and the yellow all together make me so happy. And Faceless, what a stunning stunning crop. It's so crisp and clear as well, and the pastel colours are remarkable. Then we have Chiaroscuro which is yet another amazing crop - the contrast and movement from dark to light is absolutely magical!

#11 is all kinds of perfect. LOVE the crop, and the colouring is so so stunning. I really love the more pastel route you've taken, the gentle colours reflect the moment perfectly. #14 is killing me with gorgeousness. The vintage green/yellow tones are to die for, and the way the wide space is accentuated perfectly with the pattern, and the strands of her hair are visible without being too sharp, GUH. Just, amazing. Then the same sort of colouring is happening in #15 and I am LOVING it. And the crop is so wonderful, and her hair sort of fades beautifully into the background and it's just divine. The rich, vibrant tones in #17 are gorgeous. I loooooove the orange and the way it contrasts against the brown tones is magical. #18 is killing me. THE BLUE! AND THE CROP. And beautiful, perfect lighting of his suit and her face. And then the emotion in #20. I am dying because she is so sad, and the crop and lighting captures it all so wonderfully!

AND THEN WE ARE SPOILED WITH MORE. #22, good grief! I love the contrast here, the pastel green and the sort of soft deep blue colouring, it's just phenomenal. I loooooove the pastel monochromatic colouring of #25 an awful lot, and the beautiful vibrant yellows in #32 are truly stunning as well. #36 may just be my favourite because the crop is truly magic, and I absolutely adore the contrast between the foreground and the background. And #56 is the most perfect Joan Watson icon ever. Like, ever. IT IS MY FAVOURITE. The lighting and the colours and everything is beautiful.

Fantastic stuff ♥
This comment is magic! Thank you thank you thank you! You're amazing!
lovely icons :)
These are beautiful! I'm basically in love with all the DW artist choice icons. :D
Thank you!
Your coloring is so perfect *_* Love these, pastel, minimalism and chiaroscuro are my fav, they are amazing!
Thank you, I'm glad you like them!
your coloring is so pretty <3 your retro icon is super clever, and your obscure crops are really fabulous
Thank you! :D
There is not a single icon in this post that I don't think is pretty!

My favourite though, is the 5th :3
Aw thank you!
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