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★ ☆ 017. ☆ ★

WHOA man what am I doing posting two icon batches within a month what is this witchcraft called productivity? 
These are all made for the Chapter 4 Sidequest - The Hero Path at theiconquest. 25 icons, not the largest batch. I'm very proud of it though. 


Doctor Who

     [001 - 005]

Teen Wolf

     [007 - 011]
     [012 - 016]
     [017 - 021]
  [022 - 023]

Misc (Up, Secret Diary of a Call Girl) 

  [024 - 025]

So there you have it! I really don't know what got into me this week but, yeah. :) 

I love comments so please let me know what you think! 
If taking, credit is appreciated (but not required) to either goreplz or thelighted.
Please don't claim as your own.
No hotlinking please! 
I also want to thank everyone who voted for me, I won 3rd Place in Best 'Up and Coming' Maker at wonderous_stuff Icon Appreciation Month Awards! I really can't believe it and I am so flattered. 

Tags: !icons, !theiconquest, film: up, show: doctor who, show: secret diary of a call girl, show: teen wolf
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i love everything about your icons ♥____♥
i love the colors, the softness, and the light in them so much i'm gonna cry abt it~
also i'm snagging #7. ty~
Omg you are so sweet, please you are going to make me cry.
Every time I do negative space it's inspired by you tbh.
Very beautiful icons! I love the Teen Wolf ones! :D
Thank you!
Guh, these are so pretty *_* Love the crops you've got going on and the softness of the colouring of the teen wolf ones is gorgeous ♥
Thank you!
what a beautiful thing to see before i go to bed! ;W:
Thanks! :) I am glad you think so.
GORGEOUS! sweetie. I love the clarity and radience in your coloring. And you picked such wonderful and fresh caps. Great job! :D
Thank you! What a wonderful compliment, you're amazing! :)


5 years ago

Beautiful colors and congrats on the award!
Thank you!
Everything here is really bright and vibrant and pretty! :)
Thank you so much! I'm always going for bright + vibrant and it makes my day to receive comments like yours that tell me I've done my job!
There are so many funny faces in the Teen Wollf ones! Hee! =D
Nothing funny about how stupendous your coloring is though. 17-19 are perfection. You + Lydia is a good combination, tbh. 10 is also sunshine and butterflies in my heart. But my favorite has to be 24. SO. CUTE. Also perfect negative space so. Great job! ♥
LMAO you are so right! Everyone's mouths are open and some of them look ridiculous. Especially that Stiles one, but his mouth is always open, I can't.
Thank you! I just find myself drawn to Lydia and I need help I am having a crisis. Noo but I love her face and hair and character and will icon it forever.
Hehe I love #24 too. I want to icon all the Pixar now.
Very pretty! Taking some Amy Pond with credit. :)
Thank you, enjoy!

I love the Doctor Who ones but I think my favourites have to be the Allison ones. THEY ARE SO PRETTY. SO PRETTY I TELL YOU. Saving all of them. Fabulous batch!

And congratulations on your award! :)
Thank you!
I am still in disbelief about the award, I am just so honored. ♥
Your lighting is incredible, and the way you play with your shadows (and make them near blacks rather than black) is lovely as well!
The colours and crop of #2 are stunning, and I really love the yellows of #3 as well. And the crop of #7 is so beautiful, and the lighting in #10 is gorgeous as well. For some reason I cannot move past #20, I think the colours are incredible and the crop is out there and kinda different and oh so lovely.
Gorgeous stuff!
Thank you so much!
I couldn't resist cropping that way in #20. I also exaggerated the shadows. I am a sucker for obscure crops like that sometimes. I'm so glad you like it!
guuuuh I love your coloring ♥
Thank you! :)
Just wanted to say congrats on the award!
Also I love the lighting on your icons, 3, 7 and 15 in particular are really stunning :)
Thank you so much!


December 1 2012, 19:44:51 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  December 1 2012, 19:45:05 UTC

dat Up icon *O*
Thanks! I love it too. I just want to make everything negative space or close crop these days.
they are beautiful!!
Thank you!
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