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★ ☆ 008. ☆ ★

The following icons are my twenty for Chapter One - Main Quest of theiconquest . Also there are some alternates and random icons that I've made for rumbles and icontests over the past few weeks. I also decided why not link to two tumblr graphics I ended up making instead of icons Idk idk. 
I originally planned on making 25 icons for Chapter One but then all of a sudden I lost my motivation to icon Merlin and Doctor Who and I started writing fic! So, because I want the batch to be consistent (you never know with me!) I decided to just post the ones I finished right now. :) 
As far as this batch goes, I am super proud of it. I don't usually ever attempt complex icons and honestly they came out better than I would have imagined. I also started experimenting with crops. If you look at my earlier icon posts, you'll see that I had focused a lot on center crops. I wanted to try others, and in this batch I definitely did. I learned a lot about myself while making these icons. 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them! 

POWER (hero)

    [001 - 004]
  [005 - 006]

MAGIC (wizard)

    [007 - 010]

CHARM (bard)

  [011 - 012]

AGILITY (rogue)

    [013 - 016]
    [017 - 020]

doctor who + merlin + supernatural

    [021 - 024]
    [025 - 028]
    [029 - 032]
    [033 - 036]

Thanks so much if you're still here, haha I know that this post is probably confusing! 
I love comments so please let me know what you think! 
If taking, credit is appreciated (but not required) to either goreplz or thelighted.
Please don't claim as your own.

No hotlinking please! 
Tags: !icons, !theiconquest, show: doctor who, show: merlin, show: supernatural
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