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requests filled!

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★ ☆ 021. REQUESTS [CLOSED] ☆ ★


Oh my God, I just checked my watcher count after months, and I noticed that thelighted has surpassed 100 watchers! Thanks guys, for supporting this hobby of mine. I also want to thank everyone who has nominated or seconded my magicawards nominations. You guys are wonderful!

This little community was made on June 24, 2011, even though my first icon post here wasn't until March 2012. Since then, the icon community hasn't been anything but welcoming and friendly to me! I'm very grateful for the friends and acquaintances I've made here, and your comments and usage of my icons always bring me joy! So if anyone's interested, I'm opening requests!

Leave me caps, or fandoms, or I can just make some interest icons, I do request that if you leave caps, only leave high quality ones. There's no cap on how many requests you can leave, I'll just close the post at some point if I feel like I have a good number of icons to start on.

EDIT: Requests are now closed! Thanks, guys!
hearts and hair / you found me

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I live!
I don't even have any excuses for the long ass gap between my last icon post and this one so I'll spare you the lies.
Okay, so um I have fifty seven icons for you! Some of them are from December, but most of them are new-ish.

Twenty were made for this round at 20inspirations. My claim was Amy/Eleven (Doctor Who).
I'm really rusty man these icons are inconsistent in quality. But kudos to me for completing the set because I was like "what is even the point anymore?" for a while. Oh GOD but I'm really pleased with them because of the subject material. Anyway here you go.

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hearts and hair / you found me
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OKAY. So I haven't posted icons in forever. Mostly because I haven't been inspired to make icons. I've been making two here and there, and then not making any for weeks at a time. Most of these have been sitting in a folder forever and I'm ready to get rid of them. I have fifty now so I can make a proper post.
Some of these were made for challenge communities and others were made for a battle and others were cropped from a picspam I made. I hope you enjoy. This post is all over the place and I am finding myself in some kind of icon making limbo. 


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