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★ ☆ 020. ☆ ★

I live!
I don't even have any excuses for the long ass gap between my last icon post and this one so I'll spare you the lies.
Okay, so um I have fifty seven icons for you! Some of them are from December, but most of them are new-ish.

Twenty were made for this round at 20inspirations. My claim was Amy/Eleven (Doctor Who).
I'm really rusty man these icons are inconsistent in quality. But kudos to me for completing the set because I was like "what is even the point anymore?" for a while. Oh GOD but I'm really pleased with them because of the subject material. Anyway here you go.

lol otpCollapse )
Tags: !20inspirations, show: bbc sherlock, show: doctor who, show: legend of korra, show: merlin, show: new girl, show: secret diary of a call girl, show: teen wolf
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these are so pretty!
Thank you!
Stunning icons
Thank you!
Absolute favourites are vibrant and stock! Just so good! I love all your obscure crops and I pretty much snagged all your icons :D
Thank you! I hope you enjoy them.

Saving, like, every single close crop. Thank you!
Aw, I'm glad you like them. Thank you!
You're icons are so beautiful, you're cropping is really well done :). Took most of the Doctor Who ones, and some Merlin ones.
Thank you! Enjoy!
User vetica referenced to your post from No title saying: [...] Amy/Eleven (Doctor Who) HERE [...]
User vetica referenced to your post from 25. LAST REMINDER saying: [...] Amy/Eleven (Doctor Who) HERE [...]
Speechless with awe!
Thank you!
They're incredible!!
these are really gorgeous!
Thank you!
so gorgeous!
Thank you!
So awesome to see new icons from you!

These are stunning, I really adore the colorings in them all. Blocking and stock have fantastic compositions, i particularly love how Blocking combines bw and colored blocks. The lighting, negative space and soft coloring in Pastel are just so pretty! Lovely coloring and texture use on DTRH, and wow, Minimalism just might be my favorite of these, love the clarity and the strong contrast and coloring. Perfect icon in every way (and lol at the 'fuck moffat' alt :D). Border and retro have great compositions, and I adore both your category and ac sets, beautiful cropping in both (I love that you seme to have continued the obscure crop theme in the ac set!). I particularly love the first category icon, gorgeous muted coloring, and the third ac (FANTASTIC coloring, so vibrant and awesome and I love the slight bit of grunginess in the icon, beautiful texture use!)

I also adore 22, 24, 27-31 (especially 31, gorgeous vintagey coloring!), 32, 35, 43, 51, 52 and 53. Amazing post! *__*
Thank you so much! This is an amazing comment, oh my gosh aaah thank you! I'm so glad you like them. :)
Quick question, how do you do you're cropping? Do you use the cropping tool, or do you do it another way?
I use the plain old cropping tool! :)
goooorgeous! ♥♥♥
Thank you!
these are amazing!i love the colors :)
Thanks. :)
CRYING. I really love your coloring and your cropping, oh my stars ;________; Snagging a whole load of DW and the Merlin ones, will credit when used :)

Aw thanks! :D
thanks for sharing x
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